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Roman Blinds vs Venetian Blinds

Whether you are starting from scratch, or you’re redecorating an existing room, blinds have the potential to enhance or spoil a room. So, it’s essential that you take the time to hunt around for the right type of blind. And whether you choose Roman blinds or Venetian blinds, there are pros and cons to each window-covering method. Quite often, what works in one room, won’t work in another.

Roman blinds

Made of fabric and using a cord or chain operating system to stack into horizontal folds at the top, Roman blinds enhance any room. Made from thick one – piece fabric, they sit quite close to your windowpanes and airflow is reduced at the top of the blind due to the headbox attaching directly to the reveal or window face. Accordingly, Roman blinds are a relatively energy-efficient window covering. Modern and sleek, Roman blinds are a no fuss choice and take up less space than traditional curtains. There are typically two styles of Roman blinds, Roman Shades and Custom Romans. Roman Shades are generally made out of polyester blind fabric and can have battens at the front or back. They tend to be firmer in look. The Custom Roman is made of suitable curtain fabric to which is bonded or adhered a separate lining. These Romans are generally softer in appearance and generally have a back betten stitched into the blind..

Roman blinds can be operated by a cord and cleat where you tie off the blind in the position you want, a cord lock system that locks the blind in position, by a looped chain drive or motorized. All corded or chain driven Roman blinds have to be tied off in a cleat or child safety device.

It is generally preferable to install Roman blinds on the face of a window as, over time, most Roman blinds will drop between 5 and 15 mm. So a reveal fit can result in the blind folding at the bottom as it hits the window sill. Also cord and chains are more easily operated utilizing a face fit. 

Venetian blinds

Typically made from timber, faux timber, PVC, or aluminium, Venetian blinds are popular due to their sleek look and ease of use. l, Venetian blinds are the ideal way to control the amount of light entering the room. This can easily be done by  tilting the Venetian blinds to filter the incoming light to the desired extent. The tilting of the slats also can provide privacy from outside in..  Venetian blinds are best left down after installation and the slats tilted only to your desired position. Slat size can vary from the 25mm or 50mm Aluminium venetian, to 50mm and 65mm faux timber and PVC venetians and 46mm, 60mm and 84mm Western Red Cedar venetians.

The type of venetian chosen will depend on your décor objectives. Western Red Cedar venetians provide a rich rustic look and come in a range of natural colours can be oiled or lacquered. Faux timber venetians are a great hybrid timber/polymer option that are more cost effective than timber and handle wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms better. Aluminium venetians are very versatile, come in a range of modern colours are the most cost effective, and offer a minimalistic, modern, clean look.    

What is the big difference between Roman and Venetian blinds?

When it comes to choosing which blinds to have in your house, it’s not a case of one-size fits all. First, you need to consider the costs involved in refurbishing your entire house, then you need to decide which style of blinds will best suit your chosen décor. Roman blinds can often lend a more formal Hamptons feel to your house and are suited to both older style windows and more modern homes.  Venetian blinds create a more modern,  structured look.The decision of Roman v Venetian will depend on what are your highest priorities..  If style and insulation are priorities and privacy is only required at night, a Roman blind is a better choice, while for daytime privacy , light management and more cost effective options, Venetians may be the best choice. 

Which is more expensive, Roman or Venetian blinds?

Generally, Venetian blinds in Aluminium or PVC tend to be a more affordable option compared to Roman blinds. However, Western Red Cedar Venetians will be a comparable price to Custom Roman Blinds.e. Roman Shades are more cost effective than Custom Romans. Venetians tend to collect more dust as there are numerous slats to clean. Therefore, Venetian blinds require more frequent cleaning than Roman blinds. However, Roman blinds offer superior insulation to all forms of venetian blinds.

So, when you’re ready to buy, and you require a free quote, or even some decorating advice on the right style, colouring and materials to use, you can rely on our experienced team at Beautiful Blinds and Awnings. We pride ourselves on providing our valued customers with the right solution for their window furnishing requirements, with quality products always at affordable prices. Take a look online, or give us a call 03 6234 8644 and place your order right away.

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