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A Guide to Blinds and Light

Window blinds are both aesthetically pleasing and functional – they complement a room seamlessly while variously managing light flow, providing insulation, reducing glare and maintaining privacy. Whether you’re updating existing blinds or purchasing new ones, the impact they can make on your home is significant. Motorized roller blinds in Hobart offer a seamless blend of convenience and modernity for any home or office.

However, deciding on your new blinds is not as simple as it sounds. Before a decision can be made there are many factors to consider from design, colour and size. Your blinds should be thought of as an investment – so selecting the right design suitable for your home is crucial.

Ask yourself these questions before making any decisions: Are you looking for privacy from neighbours or a busy street? Do you need full light control? Insulation? Acoustic control? Do you have young children and/or pets and require a fabric that’s easy to clean? Do you want the same type of blind throughout your house?  Will a particular window or door opening necessitate a certain type of blind for the whole house? Here are few points to get you started.

What is their purpose?

The right type of blind for a particular situation within a home will depend upon the individual’s priorities for that room or window. These priorities can vary from window to window but generally will lead to one or two blind types commonly being chosen for a home.

For some people the function of the blind will over-ride the fashion element and vice -versa.

If your priorities are around the function of the blind then light control, insulation, level of privacy and operability of the blind in each window will be some key priorities. For example, if you have “tilt and turn” windows with little reveal depth then you will be forced to fit your blinds on the face above the window which may eliminate a number of blind types such as romans or venetians that have large stacks. If your priorities are around the fashion element of the blind then colour and fabric type may be higher priorities for you. Usually, it’s a combination of both, however, the right blind for you be that product that meets your highest priorities. For example, if keeping out the cold is a priority and you don’t like curtains, then a cellular honeycomb blind would be a good product choice, however with this product you may not have the colour range that you have with a curtain. 

If child safety is a big priority, your best product option will be to look at blinds that can operate without cords or that can be motorized. Shift workers that wish to minimize light into a room during daylight hours would consider fully tracked blockout roller blinds or blockout honeycombs with lightguards. Furthermore, the installation of motorized roller blinds in Hobart is straightforward and efficient.

Which room are the blinds for?

Take into consideration which room the blinds will be installed, and the mood you want to create in that particular area.

Living room

The living room is usually the first room people walk into so choosing blinds that are warm and inviting is best. Roman shades are a great option for homeowners that love the look of curtains, but the convenience and mechanisms of blinds, whilst vertical blinds can be a simple and cost-effective solution and a great option for large windows or sliding doors. Window Blinds Hobart, motorized blinds are gaining popularity in Hobart for their convenience and modern touch. These blinds can be controlled with a remote, smartphone app, or even integrated with home automation systems.


For the kitchen, it’s important to choose blinds that can be cleaned easily. Roller blinds either in see through sunscreen or blockout (or both as a dual roller blind), are a great option as the pvc/polyester sunscreen can be left down all day and is easily cleanable while the blockout roller blind can be brought down at night after the sink area has been used.


The bedroom should be reserved for blinds that encourage sleep by blocking out light and sun. Keeping the room at a regular temperature is also important for good sleeping patterns so consider something that can help regulate this, like cellular honeycomb blockout blinds. These blinds minimize light bleed, provide an insulation improvement of up to 35%  on a single glazed window, and provide an element of soundproofing..

Beautiful Blinds and Awnings have been providing quality window dressings in Tasmania since 2008. Get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 03 6234 8644 for any questions you might have in regards to window blinds, shades, curtains and shutters.

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