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Beautiful Blinds and Awnings will warranty all products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal wear and tear for 5 years (motorisation/batteries - 12 months) from the date of original purchase. Warranty claims are only valid if the full original purchase price has been paid and the claim must be accompanied by proof of payment. The obligation of Beautiful Blinds and Awnings is limited to repair or replacement of the products or components found to be defective and excludes shipping charges and costs for removing, disassembling, reassembling and re-installation of the products. Any repairs will be made with like or similar parts.

Beautiful Blinds and Awnings reserves the right to discharge its obligations under this warranty by refunding the original purchase price of the products.

Beautiful Blinds and Awnings will not warranty for the following:

Defects caused by misuse, abuse and alterations not carried out by Beautiful Blinds and Awnings;

Cover conditions or damage caused by storm, tempest, earthquake, lightning, fire, explosion, implosion, failure or movement of supporting structures, falling objects or other mechanical impact of other outside causes;

Cover installations subject to salt spray or marine influences, severe industrial or corrosive environments or internal situations subject to moisture-laden air;

Cover conditions which are partly or entirely attributable to chemical agents, fumes, liquids or solids (other than rain or water run-off in the case of Awnings) reacting with or falling onto the products, moisture-retaining matter covering the Products or metallic contact with lead or copper or water run-off from copper flashing and pipes;

Normal movement including shrinkage, stretching and distortion in PVC fabrics;

Sizes supplied by customer or installation by customer, in the case of wrong sizes or incorrect installation;

Nominal Wear and Tear;

Maintenance and care not in accordance with recommended instructions;

Beautiful Blinds and Awnings liability will be limited to the original invoiced value of the defective goods;

Beautiful Blinds and Awnings will not be responsible for any further or subsequent loss or damage eg installation costs and other expenses;

Beautiful Blinds and Awnings must be given the opportunity to repair any faulty or damaged goods.


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