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How To Choose The Best Blinds For Your Property

When you’re choosing blinds for your property, there are many factors to consider including aesthetics, functionality and price. But how do you select the best blinds for your home when there are so many available options?

Here at Beautiful Blinds & Awnings, our team have been helping customers select the ideal blinds for their property since 2008. From internal blinds that help showcase a beautiful Hobart view to blinds that provide insulation and privacy, here are some of our expert tips on how to choose the perfect blind. 

The Basics

Just like choosing a piece of furniture, your blinds will have an immediate impact on the style and comfort of your property. Some of the basic choices you will have to make when deciding on your preferred blinds are:

  • Style
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Operating mechanisms
  • Motorisation

There’s nothing more personalised than having our staff visit your home for a free consultation, but there are some basic guidelines you can apply on your search for the perfect window blinds. 

What Type Of Blind Do You Require?

Here, we share some suitable blind styles to meet your needs:  

Insulating Blinds

To protect yourself against our cold Hobart winters, certain styles of blinds are recognised for their insulating properties. Honeycomb Cellular Blinds can improve insulation on a single glazed window by up to 35%. Honeycomb blinds work by trapping air in a three dimensional cell. Air is a poor conductor of thermal energy, so honeycombs keep heat inside in winter and heat out in summer. Equally as efficient is the traditional lined curtain with a pelmet to minimise air flow. Roman Shades are also known for providing a good level of insulation when a blockout fabric is used.

Blinds To Enhance A Beautiful View

Do you have a lovely garden, mountain or water view?  Sunscreen roller blinds are excellent for privacy and light control and  are available in 2 – 12% openness. Sunscreen roller blinds offer full daytime privacy yet enable a glare free full view outside, perfect for windows that are subject to a lack of privacy. Coupled with a blockout roller blind this dual blind covers all situations enabling full night time privacy and greater insulation when the blockout blind is pulled down over the sunscreen blind. Another great functional product is the Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb blind that is great for windows with street frontages. This blind enables the lower half of the window to be covered only to enable you to look out over the top of the blind and provide privacy from those looking into or up into the window.  

Blinds To Suit Large Or Unusually Shaped Windows

Your choice of blind will also be influenced by the window itself. If you have an unusually shaped window, it can be a little more difficult to select a blind that will suit your space. However, we can customise many of our blinds Hobart to suit the shape of your windows. Panel Glides, Vertical blinds, Verishades or Vertical honeycomb blinds are often a popular choice  sliding doors and large openings, while Plantation Shutters can be customised to suit most unusually shaped windows. If you have angled top windows, Aluminium Venetians, Tilt only Vertical blinds or Honeycombs are affordable solutions to cover the area and provide a functional blind. 

Low Maintenance Blinds

Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Panel Glides are an easy-to-clean, low maintenance option which are available in sunscreen, blockout and light filtering fabrics. Vertical Blinds are also known to be an easy-to-clean blind particularly if an acrylic blockout fabric is chosen, with their vertical blades requiring little maintenance. Often just your choice of blind material or fabric can impact on how low maintenance your blind is, so it’s a great idea to have a chat with our team who will then be able to suggest the exact blind fabric to suit your needs.

Find The Best Blinds At Beautiful Blinds & Awnings

Offering Quality You Can Afford, get in touch with Beautiful Blinds & Awnings to find out more about how to choose the best blinds Hobart for your home or business. You can call us at our Hobart Showroom on 03 6234 8644 or request your quote online

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