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What Are The Best Insulating Window Coverings?

If you’d like to lower your energy consumption and create a more comfortable home all year round, you should consider opting for insulating window coverings. So, what are the best insulating products and which one will suit your needs? In this blog, we detail some of our most popular insulating window coverings and how they can work for your property.

Honeycomb Blinds

Did you know that honeycomb blinds can improve insulation on a single glazed window by over 35%? Due to their innovative design, with the 3D cell, honeycomb blinds are one of the most effective ways to insulate your home. Whether you’re protecting yourself from our low Tasmanian temperatures or you want a more comfortable home during the summer months, honeycomb blinds are designed to trap air – therefore providing a layer of insulation for your windows. In this way, honeycomb blinds keep warm air inside your home during winter and keep warm air from entering your home during summer. With their sleek design, honeycomb blinds, when fitted ideally inside window reveals, also minimize draft and light bleed. Available in full blockout, light filter or sheer materials honeycomb blinds are ideally suited to the Tasmanian climate and are guaranteed to reduce your annual home heating and cooling bills.      

H2 Curtains

Curtains remain a traditional yet effective way of insulating your home. There are three major types of curtain materials:

  1. Loose lined fabric which is made to be attached to a solid 3 pass lining which affords maximum block-out insulation;
  2. Backcoated fabric which has an white acrylic blockout coating which can offer a high level of insulation and which also can be lined for maximum insulation; and
  3. Sheer material which of itself has lower insulation properties but to which can be added a lining as well or added as a separate product to a blockout curtain in a dual track configuration to provide the required insulation.

To further enhance insulation when using curtains as your main window insulator, you can fit the curtains within an upper pelmet which restricts air flow and drafts from behind the top of the curtain. Such pelmets can be painted, upholstered in the curtain fabric or made from Tas oak timber and stained for a classy finish to your window furnishings.         

Roman Shades

One of the most popular blinds due to their timeless appearance, Roman Shades provide a good level of insulation when manufactured with a blockout fabric and fitted close to the window. The top headbox is screwed direct into the reveal or face to prevent air flow over the top of the shade. These shades are a sturdy ‘top down’ panel folding blind that can be fitted on the face or above the window. Choose from a huge array of fabrics and add a pelmet for a touch of glamour. Tailored and sophisticated, Roman Shades will help you create a more comfortable and stylish abode.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

When you want an effective external window insulation solution, there’s nothing better than an aluminium roller shutter. This durable and long-lasting shutter is made from 0.32mm gauge aluminium with polyurethane foam in the slats providing a high level of insulation in winter and summer by trapping air between the roller shutter and your window. These shutters are not only constructed to provide excellent insulation for homes,  but also offer security, privacy and noise & light control. Our aluminium roller shutters are Australian made and come with a 5 year warranty in a range of popular colours and can be operated with convenient solar power or rechargeable batteries to avoid the cost of an electrician.

Insulating Blinds @ Beautiful Blinds & Awnings

If you’d like to make your home more liveable throughout the seasons, get in touch with our friendly staff at Beautiful Blinds & Awnings. We offer in-home free measure and quotes and can help you find the best insulating blinds for your property.  Visit our Hobart Showroom at 224 Murray St Hobart (Opposite RACT), or call 03 6234 8644.

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