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What are the Best Outdoor Awning Options for Shading My Patio?

At Beautiful Blinds and Awnings, we range a number of products that provide shading to your outdoor patio areas.

1. Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings are fixed to your external walls, eaves or trusses and fold outwards to provide temporary shade vertically over the top of your deck or patio in suitable weather conditions. Great to provide temporary cover over patios or decks in the summer months when you want full sun exposure over that area in winter.  

Widths can be up to 7 metres and projections up to 4m. (These awnings can be mounted side by side for larger widths).These awnings generally require no Council approvals and can be installed in about 3-4 hours depending on the fixing. 

Our Folding arm awnings are all European made or design and can be manually operated or motorized. Motorisation using our Somfy motors enables you to also install a motion sensor that protects the awning from damage due to wind gusts by automatically retracting the awning once a predetermined wind limit is exceeded.  

Other features of this type of awning are the ability to adjust the pitch of the awning to lower the awning and a front valance that can provide vertical shade at the end of the awning up to 1.2m.

The fabrics we use are dye cast acrylics, lightweight, non- fading and rot, mould and mildew resistant. These fabrics are Teflon coated and come with a ten- year warranty. Having said this, it is always preferable to air your awning if it has been retracted wet due to rain.

 Folding Arm Awning prices will vary based on the above features and also the extent and type of hood coverage required tom protect the fabric when rolled up. Awnings under eaves may not require a hood as such however face or fascia fit awnings should have a hood. Hoods can be standard colourbond, semi cassette or full cassette depending on the look you wish to achieve.

2. Retractable Fabric Roof Tension Systems  (For inclined existing structures)

Should you have an existing inclined roof structure over your deck or patio area you may consider either a Fabric tension system operated by motor or a pulley operated pleated patio cover to provide protection from sun or rain.

The Fabric Tension system can typically cover an area up to 25m2 (5.5 x 5.5m). It utilizes powder coated extruded aluminium /and stainless steel hardware and can be motorised.   Again fabric is acrylic dyecast providing blockout coverage. This system is made to fix on top of an existing structure – being a pergola, glass roof or conservatory window, providing access is available.The system retracts back into a covered hood.

The Pleated patio cover is akin to a horizontal Roman blind that attaches underneath existing pergolas. It can be up to 8m wide by 8m drop. Three tracks are required for widths greater than 5m. The folded pleat is about 350mm in drip when brought in.   

3. Retractable Fabric Roof Tension Systems ( Where no existing Structure)  

We are also able to offer a retractable fabric tension system with powder coated aluminium front posts that can attach to your home or garage wall and extend up to 4 metres with widths up to 5 metres. Heights are customised to each site. This system is generally motorized. The fabric is always taut whether the awning is open, closed or somewhere in between. Twin models are available with independent operation. Again, the fabric utilized is rot, mould and mildew resistant dyecast acrylic with a ten- year warranty.

These are just some of the applications of our wide external awnings range available at Beautiful Blinds and Awnings. Most products are able to be seen in operation in our showroom at 224 Murray St Hobart, opposite RACT.

Talk to us about a free on-site consultation and let us help you choose the right product for your particular situation.

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